How do you like your clients to think of you?
How long have you been an escort?
Have you ever been to a sex party?
Does working as an escort mean that you can’t enjoy porn or sex yourself?
Do you have to cum for real when you are with a client?
Have you ever been with someone who really grossed you out?
Have you ever known anyone to meet a love interest through this work?
Have you met a love interest through your work?
Have you ever been involved in any weird porn or sex?
What is BDSM?
What is strap-on play and how do you derive enjoyment from it?
What exactly is “strap-on play”?
What is it about strap-on play that you find enjoyable?
What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever done?
What do guys want?
Are guys looking for attention and appreciation, or an orgasm and a climax?
Do escorts have surprising lives?
How do escorts stay lubricated?
Is it difficult to be stimulated multiple times a day and not have an orgasm?
Do you orgasm with your clients?
Do you often orgasm when you are with a client?
What are some of the ways you like to be pleased?
Do escorts prefer rich men?
Do you prefer good-looking men?
How fast do men usually cum?
What are ways that I can make you hornier?
Is it true that Gemini men make the sexiest lovers?
Is it difficult for an escort, who has sex with multiple partners daily, to orgasm?
Do escorts give discounts to good-looking men?
How do you feel when a regular clients starts seeing another girl?
When a gentlemen goes to another girl, do you feel it is taking away from your business?
Do you have a name for your panties?
Do escorts really like men who are well-endowed?
What exactly is a well endowed man?
Do escorts enjoy having sex?
Do you have any anxiety about STDs?
How do you know if your client has an STD?
What do the different acronyms mean?
What do you like to do when you’re not working?
What happens if a client falls in love with you?
How would you react if one of your clients said they were falling in love with you?
Have any of your clients fallen in love with you?