SashaminxwebI identify as a Pansexual, Sapiosensual woman. I love men, women, and people of all gender, and ethnic backgrounds. My biggest turn on is intellect in another human being. I find “Intellect” is often accompanied with having an open mind.

I have a background in; dance, Chinese acrobatics, Shaolin Kung Fu, and a degree in Science. In addition to English, I speak Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish.

My lifestyle has always been adventurous, and Bohemian. Friends describe me as a free spirit.

I have been a Pro athlete most of my life. I am thick, and healthy looking, most people guess I am ten years younger than my actual age. I am a 36B cup. I have blue eyes, long, wavy blond hair, high cheekbones. My ethnic background is French, and California India, because of this people often tell me I have a striking, exotic appearance.

I am dedicated to the cultivation of compassion, and connection through sexual alchemy. I believe we all deserve touch, nurturance, and attention. As we acknowledge each other on a human level we then begin to catalyze healing and develop trust. It is trust that allows us to experience true connection and merging with another soul. Through this merging we lose our ego. When the ego is lost, we are able to truly empathize with another. Empathy is the cultivation of compassion. Compassion for all being, to me is the highest goal a human can attain.  With each act of sexual union, compassion can be cultivated, empathy can be deepened and we come to a greater understanding of our own psyche.

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