An erotic massage is a great introduction into the adult industry because it is not penetrative sex, it is sexual and intimate and includes a sex act (typically genital stimulation). It is a safe space to learn and practice boundaries, explore fantasies and desires, connect and cultivate empathy. The only thing better than a massage is a sexy massage with a “happy ending”.

I am sex positive. I appreciate the various ways a person can have sex, and get off. I am a fan of kink and enjoy fetishes. I think everyone can benefit from exploring kink; because it teaches good boundaries, consent and good communication. I am body positive; I enjoy all shapes, sizes, abilities, and races. All people deserve intimacy, and sex.

Benefits Of An Erotic Massage

Massages can heal, and relax the body; release hidden trauma from old injuries, and relieve tension from stress. Erotic touch stimulates the senses bringing awareness back into your relaxed body. Both provide much needed intimacy and relief. I think a sensual massage is great for anyone that is in a committed relationship, and wants extra attention, but does not want intercourse. A sensual massage can also strengthen committed relationships by increasing libido, and passion.

Common Misconceptions About Erotic Massages

Many people think FBSM includes sexual intercourse, or that it is only a therapeutic massage.

What To Take Note Of Before Having An Erotic Massage

I recommend doing research; reading the providers advertisement and/or website thoroughly. Be prepared to provide references if required. Read any verified reviews and contact them as instructed. Make sure you have the correct amount of money. Pre-booking is the best way to schedule a massage. It is best to approach your first massage with a positive attitude and willingness to cooperate. If you have any medical history, take any medication, or have any injuries please disclose them at the beginning of your massage.

What Goes On During An Erotic Massage?

The length of a massage can vary; depending on negotiations and the needs/desires of the patron. I recommend beginning with 90 minutes to get acquainted with each other. I always get nervous meeting new people so I prefer extra time to relax and get comfortable.

Ways To Make Erotic Massages Hotter

Schedule ahead of time, three days if possible to build anticipation and stimulate fantasies. Pay attention during the encounter to discover if any: turns ons, fetishes, or kinks reveal themselves. Sexy lingerie is great for providing visual stimulation. Communication creates intimacy sexy, or dirty talk can be a huge turn on. I use edging to tease and prolong the play. Nuru is super sexy because it is body to body contact and a massage using a seaweed gel.

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