I have always found myself to have a much higher desire, and need for sexual activity than most people. Even as a child, I masturbated several times a day to vivid fantasies. Now that I am aging I find it more controllable, but still keeping up with me sexually is a lot for others. My natural inclination for sex, coupled with a background in sports, lead to the obvious career choice of prostitution. My current man aptly coined me a “sexual athlete”. He called it by name because he loves it. My sexuality is a feral animal, he loves to civilize. If I am a “professional” than what does that make him?

We’ve always great sex, and have never skipped a day. When I say great, it’s like porn star quality, both him, and I agree. It’s always fun, and epic even when we are tired. He makes me squirt several times, his long strokes hit against my sugar walls, and force me to lose control. He laughs from behind as I try to control myself, it never works. As soon as he pulls out I drip, and squirt everywhere. He just watches and encourages me. He puts his big dick back in to continue, and I just get comfortable, and bounce on his shaft. We have such a great rhythm together. He is very talented at serving me dick. He stirs it up, hits the side pussy walls, gives me his whole stroke, and works me until I cum at least four times. I think I may have finally met my match, and he is going to force me into retirement.