This semester I took a dynamic class, “dynamic” in this context means intense. These classes are on the quarter schedule instead of the semester. When Pathophysiology was finished in the middle of October I packed up my house, put my life into storage, and hit the road for Las Vegas.

Fields of cows, and dried up wineries accompanied our drive to Vegas. The good conversation with my girlfriend kept me stimulated the entire trip, but when the sun set the dark straight drive seemed to hypnotize me to sleep, so I found myself struggling to stay awake around Primm. Upon arrival I crashed on the couch of my girl friends cousins house where I slept soundly until noon.   I couldn’t sleep past noon because the temperature raised so much that I began to sweat.

Because of it’s geography Las Vegas required a game plan.  My natural inclination was to hang out by the pool during the heat of the day in, and go out at night when it cooled off.