I was so excited to return to Anchorage Alaska from Fairbanks because I missed the comfort of a house, motel living gets old. I love to cook and really wanted to BBQ because the weather is so nice.  After the seven hour drive through scenic Denali national park we were home. As expected I crashed upon arrival.  When I woke up I lost a day somewhere. Monday became Sunday to me.

In the kitchen were two fresh pineapples. I really wanted to skewer it. I never could eat pineapple raw, but I loved it nonetheless. When my girlfriends got wind of my pineapple grilling idea they plotted to make it happen. The great thing about having a good idea is that when others think its good too they motivate. The culmination of idea and action here resulted in an assembly line of ladies putting together skewers of deliciousness. Marinated chicken breast, sweet peppers, purple onions, and pineapple was the order.   Our hunger was ambitious to be satisfied and the kabobs were beyond expectation.

My girlfriend always has an amazing glow to her skin. Her tan is so radiant, and I have always been envious. I am a novice when it comes to tanning. Fortunately my girlfriend is very experienced and I wanted her expertise on the subject. Like a great girlfriend she took me to the tanning salon. First I slathered myself with tanning lotion and baked for five minutes in a standing booth, followed by a full body spray tan. I loved the results, but hours later developed a sunburn on my entire backside. Its pretty funny to have a red ass. I know in a couple of days my color will be perfect! So far I love the results.

With full bellies, and a killer tan three girlfriends set out on a journey. Our common goal was to take great pictures and have fun doing it. One girlfriend drove and took pictures while B and I posed in matching bikinis. Image