gunshow1As I celebrate another semester under my belt I look back at my journey and reflect on my evolution. I am wiser, stronger, and more equipped for the challenges of this world, however; I am also dying to get laid. After all a woman needs some good quality, down and dirty playtime!

The shortage of quality sausage, and kitty in my area has forced me to take my hunt elsewhere, so I find myself in the Land of the Midnight Sun, Alaska. What better place to hunt then the great frontier? Hunting permeates the culture. The men here are rough like I prefer, and they appreciate a woman’s body. My body appropriately responds to the stimuli it receives, undulating like a snake, intertwining with my partners body for a crescendo of pleasure.

My first prey, H was just what I needed to begin my descent into the world of my deepest desires. H’s hands were rough, working hands; the hands of a real man. When he touched me it was not soft and I loved it. My soft skin has been untouched for far too long and he explored all of my yummy crevices. As the momentum built I could barely contain my passion. The roles quickly switched, I became his prey and he the hunter. I didn’t mind at all, I felt quite at ease with this man. As I surrendered to his masculine energy, letting it envelope me and consume my every curve I felt a warm surge take over. This was the feeling I so desperately needed. Sweet release.