Most people believe if it’s on the internet it is for sale, or at least available. Several weeks ago ‘J’ befriended me on Facebook. After looking at his profile he seemed harmless enough to accept. ‘J’ is twenty, gorgeous, and a basketball and football player for our college. His posts appeared thoughtful; while his other comments were typical boyish humor. I couldn’t fathom why this young, athletic man would befriend me, the only logical explanation was that we had a class together in the past. Of course I didn’t remember him, but maybe he knew me; I reasoned. Not too long after we connected he struck up a conversation. Surprisingly, he was very respectful. Over the duration of one month ‘J’ pursued me. He would text me and ask if he could come kick it with me. I could not imagine what our conversation would be like, or how I would entertain him. After all I am twice his age! So my response each time was that I am too busy. On October first I moved to a neighborhood not too far from where I had been living, and the same block as ‘J’. One Thursday I was walking down the block heading home. As soon as I entered my apartment ‘J’ texts me and says that he saw me walking down the street. I knew at this moment that I could no longer avoid him. So naturally I invite him over to smoke and kick it. Two days later ‘J’ shows up at my door; I open it and greet him. He is 6’4, and in excellent condition. I lead him to my couch and ‘J’ wastes no time twisting up a blunt. He brags that it’s the purp and shows me it’s pretty color. When the THC hits my lungs I become warm throughout. I look at ‘J’ with clear eyes…just discovering that this man sitting across from me is perfect. Our conversation is intelligent, interesting and humorous. I feel a fool for assuming it would be otherwise. We keep our hands to ourselves, but I know it’s only for today. That our next meeting will be a crescendo of physicality. I walk him to the door, we bid our adieus. In fifteen minutes he texts me and asks when he can see me again.