The word grind stimulates a specific image for me. Instantly I picture grinding on top of a well endowed, sexy man or well strapped woman. Unfortunately, in this case when I use the word grind what I mean is that I am back in school. Although I love the process of learning, and my area of concentration; school is very rigid and boring. Again I find myself using such words as rigid. O lord you can only imagine what I am thinking! The lack of creativity in my field makes a naughty woman such a myself desperate, eager even for more adventurous endeavors. I choose the field of nursing because it is kinky by nature. I love being of service, I also love the control it gives me, and do I dare say I can be a sadist. The sounds of screaming have little to no effect on me, after all I did raise a child. However; as I sit in class I find my mind wandering about every two seconds or so. My urge to engage in sexual acts has a stronger attraction then an electron has to a proton. I cannot help myself, nor do I want too. It is such acts of pleasure that keep me motivated. My professor’s bass voice instructs…”molecular geometry is when a neutron pulls and create a geometric shape. This happens because they are heavier then an electron….” His lectures have become the soundtrack to the ongoing porn that is continually playing in my mind. Its sick and twisted, but we do what we have too.